How to play

OURTEAM11 is India’s best and exciting fantasy sports league.

Use your sport’s information and ability to play OURTEAM11. To play you'll choose your own team formed by a group of real players from Cricket and other sports. You can create your team within a budget of 100 credits.Your team gain points by your selected players performance on the field. It is the time to show your finesse and acquire REAL MONEY only with your 'game of skill.'

Select a match from the list of upcoming matches and ongoing series on OURTEAM11 Portal and click on the 'Create Team' button in the "Create Team Section".

Create your OURTEAM11 team by putting your Sports expertise into use and earn money through your game of skill for selecting the best 11 players out of the lot.

Select players for your OURTEAM11 team from

Players Positions No of Players

Wicket Keeper - WK


Batsmen - BAT


All Rounders - AR


Bowlers - BOWL


Watch out for:

The number of players in your OURTEAM11 team.

The credits available.

Deadline or timeline for joining a contest.

After forming your OURTEAM11 team choose your preferred Captain & Vice Captain.

Captain : Attains 2x points for on field performance

Vice Captain : Attains 1.5x points for on field performance

After selecting your Captain & Vice Captain you can recheck your OURTEAM11 team in the preview option in MY TEAM.

Choose from a variety of Contests and join a Contest or number of Contests and start winning REAL CASH prizes.

You can form up to 6 teams per match and join a number of running Contests and create your team or teams for the upcoming/scheduled fixtures across OURTEAM11 platforms.

Click on 'CREATE TEAM' for forming your next team or teams.

Changes in OURTEAM11 teams can be carried out as many times as you prefer until the deadline of that particular match!

You can change your Captain & Vice Captain as well as many times prior to the deadline of that particular match. Click the 'EDIT' button to make alterations to your team.

Ensure you watch out which of your selected players are playing n real in that particular match and keep your team/session updated.

OURTEAM11 Points System:

Points to remember:

The player you pick as your Fantasy Cricket Team's Captain will get 2x points for his/her on field performance.

And the Vice Captain of your Fantasy Cricket Team's Captain will get 1.5x points for his/her performance in the respective match.

So, it is strictly advisable to be modish while picking your OURTEAM11 Captain and Vice Captain for an assured win.

Substitutes on the field will not be awarded any points for any contribution they produce in the respective match.

Strike rate scoring is applicable just for strike rate below 70 runs per 100 balls.